Would having Izzy back be all that bad?

I’m starting to hear more and more grumblings that Izzy may end up back with the Cards this year.  I’d say the odds are 50/50.  Dave Duncan said he didn’t think it would happen last week while on air with Bernie, but Joe Strauss has noted it’s possible.  Regardless, one has to ask, would it really be that bad?

He would have to accept a significantly reduced rate (with incentives I’m sure), but a one year deal is smart for both sides.  If he wants to keep pitching, he can build up his market value with a strong year while La Russa and Dunc get the veteran they want to transition Perez or Motte (don’t overlook Kinney) into the closers role.

I have read some concern that his presence might be counter productive, e.g., other players not feeling comfortable with the closers role while he’s on the team out of respect – which he deserves.  But I think if his role is made clear from the get go (assuming he makes the team), then everyone can accept the arrangement that would hopefully allow for another 8 saves or so.

Jason and Lorrie Isringhausen

Jason and Lorrie Isringhausen at the 2004 Winter Warmup

 Personally, I’d also like to see Izzy get to 300 saves while wearing the birds on the bat.  I remember when he first came to town with the 98+ heat and that nasty breaking pitch.  My wife and I were at the second game of the year against Milwaukee and we watched him k the side with an exclamation point.  It’s been a little disheartening to see his struggles of late and the heat he got from the home crowds.  Even more so when I heard Izzy’s wife talk about how it effected their family.  For those of you with kids – you get it.

Bottom line, if he can accept a camp invite and be an effective part of the current BPC (bullpen by committee) and get the young guns some time to develop their off speed pitches, would it really be all that bad?

Around the horn

Funny note about K. Greene from the Chicago Tribune.

“Khalil Greene should be a welcome addition for the Cardinals. . St. Louis shortstops drove in 31 runs last season — two fewer than the RBI total of Cubs pitchers. The Orioles hopped on the Cardinals’ hand-me-down, Cesar Izturis, knowing it will be an upgrade to have a shortstop who can catch the ball, even if he can’t hit. …”


(Photo courtesy of Webshots.com)



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5 responses to “Would having Izzy back be all that bad?

  1. I would love to have Izzy back (love, love, love!), but not if it means watching him get booed by the home crowd again. That was heart-breaking. 😦

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  3. Wilson

    Izzy told Joe Strauss yesterday that he wants to come back to the Cardinals and help the young kids Perez and Motte learn the closer role at the Major League level. No comment/rumors from the Cardinals yet.

  4. Saw that, doesn’t look like they want him back…for now…too bad.

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