Why Whiteyball?

Whiteyball is a style of baseball used to describe the style of play of the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1980’s.  Manager Whitey Herzog styled his baseball teams based on five philosophies: stealing bases, bunting, hitting the ball the opposite way, utilizing the hit-and-run, and relying on fleet-footed defenders.  Busch Stadium fit this style perfectly, a large ballpark with ultra fast astroturf.

This is the baseball I grew up watching.  I went to my first baseball game on 9/6/1982 and got to see Darryl Porter score on a George Hendrick single in the bottom of the ninth for a 1-0 victory.

At this site, hopefully you will find lots of good information on the Cardinals as well its’ minor league system.  I am not a big sabermatics person but some will be mixed in.  Also, I have started going to quite a few minor league games and will post pics of stadiums and prospects (not just Cardinal farmhands) as well as my impressions of the players I see. 

You will also find info on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ farmhand, Blake Dewitt.  Dewitt was the 28th overall choice in the 2004 Draft out of the same High School that I attended, many, many moons before he attended it.  But my mom happens to work for his Grandfather and speaks quite often with his family, so I like to include Blake on the site, also.  Plus he is a good kid and it would be really cool for him to make it. 

Since I have started this site I have started doing features for Ballpark Digest.  Only one has been featured but more are in the chutes.

One last thing, this is Whiteyball: Baseball and a little more, so from time to time, I may cover a topic that has nothing to do with baseball.  But hey, it’s my site and I can do what I want.

Please feel free to email me at dustin@whiteyball.com

Thanks for looking around and please Bookmark this Site!

7 responses to “Why Whiteyball?

  1. Still doing a great job with your site. My friend, Matt from Nashville (aka I love Dogfights in our FFL), says he used your site for updates on Blake.

  2. Roy McHarry

    Dustin this is really great. I don’t have a lot of time to visit all the parks, but you make me feel like I have been there. Keep up the terrific work and I hope everyone enjoys your labors as much as I do.

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  4. Great blog! I have a blog called Redbirds Rap and was wondering if you would add my link to your blog roll. With your permission I will add your link to my site.



  5. This is a great MLB baseball blog. Keep up the great work and I will be checking back soon!

  6. I just had an opportunity to read through some of your past blogs and you write some very compelling features! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on Major League Baseball MLB and the St. Louis Cardinals.

  7. This is a good sports blog. Thanks for sharing all the unique information and keep up the good work.

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