Greer Stadium, Home of the Nashville Sounds

greer-stadium-19.jpggreer-stadium-1.jpg Greer Stadium, Nashville, home of the Sounds

greer-stadium-8.jpg Greer Stadium Pressbox and Restraunt

 greer-stadium-6.jpg  greer-stadium-12.jpg  greer-stadium-13.jpg    

greer-stadium-10.jpg greer-stadium-11.jpg National Anthem

greer-stadium-2.jpg  Greer Stadium Scoreboard, considered the best in the Minors

greer-stadium-4.jpg Nashville Sounds warming up on a very cold night.

greer-stadium-ryan-braun-2.jpg  greer-stadium-ryan-braun-3.jpg Nashville’s Ryan Braun

carlos-gomez.jpg greer-stadium-carlos-gomez.jpg New Orleans’ Carlos Gomez

greer-stadium-fernando-tatis.jpg greer-stadium-fernando-tatis-2.jpg greer-stadium-fernando-tatis-3.jpg Fernando Tatis

greer-stadium-willie-mcgee.jpg Willie McGee Concession Stand

greer-stadium-scouts.jpg The Scouts behind home plate

Pictures taken 4/6/07.

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