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Cards kickoff Grapefruit League action today

Blake Hawksworth, St. Louis Cardinals

Blake Hawksworth, St. Louis Cardinals

You know it is spring training when 6 outfielders make up 9 of your batters in your opening game lineup. At least you would think this would be just a strange spring training game, but the truth is, 5 “outfielders” could make up the starting 8 on opening day at Busch Stadium on April 6.

The Cardinals open exhibition play today against the Florida Marlins at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter at 12:05 p.m. CT. Blake Hawksworth will get the start and try to continue the success he had at the end of the 2008 season, posting a 2.89 ERA with 23 K’s and 11 walks in his last 5 starts. Hawksworth was the clubs number 1 rated prospect after the 2004 season. Let’s hope he can get off to a good start and maybe live up to the potential the Cardinals saw in him earlier this decade.

The Cards lineup will have Ludwick, Ankiel, and Rasmus covering the outfield, and outfielders Skip Schumaker manning second base, Joe Mather manning third base, and Chris Duncan as the DH. Excluding the DH, there is a real possibility this could be a likely lineup during the first month of the season. The think I like most about this is the defensive alignment in the outfield. You have three guys who can all cover ground and all have above average arms.

I’m excited about keeping an eye on the spring training activities and how all the question marks in the Cardinals camp playout.

I’ve become pretty addicted to the new MLB Network since coming onto Directv on January 1st. Some must see TV I have my Tivo set for is the 30 Clubs in 30 Days show on the Cardinals which will air for the first time on 2/26 at 7:00 pm CT. They usually replay the show 2 or 3 times as well. The network is also carrying spring training games and your first chance to watch the Cardinals will be on Friday 2/27 when they visit Port St. Lucie to take on the Mets.

30 Clubs in 30 Days - MLB Network

30 Clubs in 30 Days - MLB Network

I received my season tickets on my door step yesterday and the return of baseball season is really starting to get to me. Let’s hope the Redbirds can stay healthy this spring and bring a solid squad to St. Louis in April.

If any readers are interested in tickets, I usually end having extra tickets that I sell for season ticket holder cost. I have full season tickets in section 595 of the bleachers and a 27 game weekend plan in section 509 of the bleachers. Just leave me a comment and I’ll add you to an email list that I send to when I have extra tickets available for sale.

Blake Hawksworth photo – stlcardinals.com
30 Clubs in 30 Days – mlb.com

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I’m Back

It feels like I have been neglecting you guys a little, but I have been working quite a bit.

Check out my interview with Blake Hawksworth over at the Birdhouse

There no AFL games on the schedule for today.  Check out my latest recap here.

It no secret that Cardinals need pitching.  I think with the Free Agent market being so thin I would take a flyer on Livan Hernandez.  The guy is durable and keeps you in the game.  With the mediocre season he had in 07, he might be halfway affordable. 

It seems as each day passes, it is more and more likely that TLR is returning.  One reason, there doesn’t appear to be a match for him at this time.

Dusty is coming back to the NL Central.  Dusty will be the new man at the top for the Reds.  Imagine, back to back series with the Reds and the Cubs.  TLR will be wound tighter than an eight day clock.

Word out of New York is that George is handing over the reins to his sons.  Say what you want to about the Boss, he did what we wish our owners would do, put all his resources into the team.  Right or wrong, he tried to win no matter the cost.  Baseball is definitely losing a pioneer.  I wonder how this affects Torre and possibly, TLR?

This post season has been quite exciting.  If you like player development, how can you not love the Rockies/Diamondback series?

Blake Dewitt is hitting .375 and has scored one run. 



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